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Spiritual Assistance

All sickness is spiritually sourced.  Our prime purpose is to assist you to prosper in you true identity.  As a child of God.

Mental Assistance

We have a wealth of resources and assistance to empower you to live happily, full of joy, and free from your current challenges.

Physical Assistance

This area of A New Day assists transitioning individuals with employment, housing, food, and health resources information.

Resource Guides
Spiritual Resources​

- Jesus

- Individual Support

- Family Support

- Coping & Adjustments

- Anger Management

- Group Therapy

- 12 Step Fellowship Meetings

Health Resources

- Community Health 

- Psychological/Psychiatric 

- Learning Difficulties

- Cognitive Testing

- Education Assistance

Physical Resources

- Collaborate with local businesses
- Develop community allied partners
- Employment support 
- Provide resources for local housing support

- Positive Life skills development support

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