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Our Purpose:  Provide collaborative community support to transitioning individuals, through a team of RESOURCES; empowering them with the informational tools and resources to apply personal action toward effective change and growth.  

Who we help:  A New Day provides resource network support to individuals needing mental, physical, and spiritual transitional assistance from post-addiction, post-incarceration, post-military, or other post-traumatic events.  A New Day also assists spiritually based affiliate partners with their transitional assistance missions.  Thus, increasing our community of support together.  

Our Activities:  A New Day provides RESOURCE network support for healthy and positive spiritual growth with Jesus.  Our efforts include guidance for medical/health support, employment opportunity support, a safe-place location during transitional healing, and many other services based on the needs of the transitioning individual.  

Our Facility:  A New Day facility is a safe-place center for transitioning individuals to meet with volunteers and others in a season of change.  The facility helps individuals maintain and embrace positive transformation, but does not house, feed, or hand out tangible things.  A New Day facility unique connects community RESOURCES for individual participant needs, while sharing guidance of the Love, Grace, and Mercy of Jesus. 


A New Day hosts spiritually based transitional assistance affiliate partners, which you can learn more about within our calendar and events section here.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Hours of Operation

Monday:         Please Call Us      

Tuesday:         Please Call Us

Wednesday:   9AM-5PM

Thursday:       Please Call Us

Friday:             Please Call Us

Saturday:        Please Call Us 

Sunday:           Please Call Us

Our Location


2019 Wilkinson Avenue

Panama City Beach, Florida 32408

A New Day Community of Faith

We are comprised of others that have been in a hallway looking for Hope.   As individuals and families, that have had to transition at one point in time or another, we are helpers that assist transitioning people with individual needs.  We are followers of Jesus Christ looking forward to getting to know you.  We are looking forward to meeting you and living life with you healthy, free, and loved.

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